Benefits of AquaClean in Agriculture

There are many areas of agriculture that need careful consideration now that paying attention to the environment is part of the picture. In recent years we have come to recognise, for example, how damaging come chemical components of fertilizers and other treatments can be, and this is why many are turning to the use of biotechnology solutions, which use carefully chosen bacteria as the active ingredients which are great for hydroponics in South Africa.

wasteBluePlanet SA, the African arm of major US company BluePlanet LLC, are a leading name in this area, and their product range – AquaClean – is proven to be efficient and safe. It has applications in soil improvement, increased crop yield, fertilising and more, and can also be used in manure cattle waste management.

They are confident that you will also see cost savings in no time at all, so why not have a look at the BluePlanet SA website now, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.