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Quality Service from Abacas Solutions

electricAre you searching for a reputable and reliable electricians service in and around the Cape Town area? Perhaps you need to have your wiring checked or renewed, or are looking to have lighting or appliances installed by a qualified professional? If so, we strongly recommend that you check out the range of solutions on offer at Abacas Solutions, the leading name in the electrical repairs and installation business in the region.

Abacas Solutions has a team of fully qualified and experienced service providers who can help you with all your electrical solutions. They will provide you with a professional service at sensible rates whether you require a simple job or a major installation, and are happy to tackle commercial jobs. You won’t find a better service in Cape Town, so check out the Abacas Solutions website now for all the information you need, and for a free no obligation quote.

Let London Spit Roast Handle your Catering

pig-roastAre you hosting a party, or perhaps a corporate event? Or maybe you are looking for ideas for catering for a wedding or other celebration? In either case the people you need to check out are London Spit Roast for event catering in London, as they offer a wide range of options and have expert chefs who will handle all the cooking while you enjoy the event.

London Spit Roast caterers in London offer everything from lamb roasts to barbeque packages, and can even help with serving and waiting services if you require. They can cater for any size or type of event, and provide all the equipment plus highly trained staff who are fully versed in health and safety regulations. With many satisfied customers so far, and a reputation for great food at sensible prices, you can rely on London Spit Roast to make sure your event is enjoyed by all, so have a look at their website now for a great range of roast options.

Paper Waste Management Solutions

The need to ensure your workforce is able to operate in a safe and healthy environment is governed by strict rules and regulations, and in the paper and print industry there are many potential hazards that need to be attended to. With a reputation for developing and installing bespoke paper waste management and dust extraction solutions, HPT Africa is the name you need to remember for South Africa and the sub-Saharan countries.

HPT Africa has many satisfied clients in the paper processing industry – as well as many other areas of industry in the region – and they have won awards for their top quality equipment and installations. A professional and friendly team of waste management experts will help you with your specific requirements and they will be more than happy to assess your situation on site. For more information, take a look at the HPT Africa website now, and one of their team will be happy to help.

Everybody Loves Biltong!

It’s just one of those things: biltong is everyone’s favourite party snack, and for many is the traditional South African food of choice! Available in many forms, a wealth of satisfied customers will happily tell you that the best traditional biltong in Pretoria comes from Farmhouse Co, a fabulous outlet that began life specialising in traditional biltong and catering in Pretoria, and which now offers a range of fresh food products that is difficult to beat.

foodWith biltong available exactly how you like it, cut to your preference and with fat as you like, Farmhouse Co knows how to keep you happy, and their fabulous snack platters are also a perfect choice for parties and events. With all food produced to order and homemade, Farmhouse Co is the perfect choice for your fresh food requirements, so why not check out their website now and see just how impressive their range of traditional biltong is.

Stunning Island Paradise of Nosy Be

vendorThere are some places in the world that are truly amazing, and the stunning paradise island of Nosy Be, of the coast of Madagascar vacation, is one of them. Glorious white sand beaches, stunning blue ocean waters, amazing weather and quite spectacular tranquillity abound, and you can enjoy it all thanks to Bossi Adventures.

Nobody has more local knowledge of this incredible island than Bossi Adventures, and when it comes to providing you with the ideal accommodation they are the people to go to. They know the very best places to stay on the island and can help you enjoy the finest in local excursions and activities, and they offer a choice of options that you will enjoy.
Check out the Bossi Adventures website now for the very best in accommodation and deals on the wonderful and unique island of Nosy Be, and book a holiday that you will never forget.

Android TV for All!

Are you up to speed with the Android TV revolution? If not you really should be, as this really is the most important development in television for some decades. So what is it all about, and why is it such a big deal? Android TV allows you to experience the benefits of a smart TV and an android gaming device – and more – for a fraction of the cost, and SilverStream are pioneers in the field in South Africa.
Simple to use and with no need for monthly cable or satellite fees, SilverStream affords on-demand TV, films and games streamed via your broadband network, and it couldn’t be easier to use. It comes in the shape of a small box which you plug into your TV, and once you switch on you are ready to go. Get onto the Android TV bandwagon now and see just how it changes how you use your TV – you won’t regret it!

Great Gifts for Outdoor Lovers!

When it comes to choosing items as corporate gifts – whether to give to loyal clients or to visitors at exhibitions – it pays to find something that not only reflects the quality of your brand, but also the area of business you operate in. For businesses operating in, for example, travel and tourism a great idea can be to give away items related to the outdoors, and at The Promo Group you can find a great selection of ideal products and corporate clothing.

images-25Everything from quality binoculars to barbeque sets, through adventure packages and drinking items can be found at The Promo Group, and all at excellent prices. These are genuine high quality items that will certainly make for exciting and welcome gifts, and you also get the option of free delivery on certain orders. Why not check out The Promo Group website right away, and use the handy online chat function for advice and information on all their products.

Stay at Clarens Eddies and Enjoy the Free State

outdoorsWe have found the perfect choice of accommodation for a self-catering holiday in the Free State, South Africa. this beautiful part of the country is home to some fine attractions and spectacular landscapes, and Clarens Eddies – a wonderful guest house close to the heart of the town of Clarens – is the ideal place to stay. Clarens Eddies offers a choice of rooms, sleeping between two and seven people, and is a charming and quiet place to stay in a clarens bed and breakfast.

Each unit is beautifully finished with all necessary amenities, and you can enjoy the fine views from your own private outdoor area. The wonderful weather of the region is yours to enjoy, and you can take trips to the mountains or indulge in activities such as hot air ballooning or horse riding. Check out the Clarens Eddies website now for current availability, and book a holiday in the heart of the Free State even if you are from Amsterdam.

Legal Services in Cape Town

Contracts can be a complex issue, especially if you are not well-versed in the various aspects of drawing them up correctly, so for all your contract and legal requirements, you need a company that can offer a professional level of service and experience, and one you can rely on.

For businesses across South Africa we recommend you contact Kilgetty Statutory and business registration in south Africa, who offer a full range of legal services including the drafting of contracts, purchase agreements, partnerships and shareholder’s agreements, and who boast a team of experts with the requisite knowledge and experience to ensure you comply at all times with the relevant statutory requirements.

Kilgetty Statutory Services has more than 4000 clients including everyone from start-ups to major corporate entities, and as they treat each client individually you will be party to service that is tailored to you. For more information, get in touch, and one of their team will be happy to help.

Expert Design Services from SSQ Exhibitions

Are you looking for help with a design concept, perhaps for a display or exhibition stand to showcase your product or services? Well, not everyone is great at design, so why not concentrate on doing what you do best, and let a professional outfit handle all your design requirements with an exhibition stands company?

Providing expert design solutions in South Africa and across the continent to a wide variety of clients – some household names, others just getting a foot on the ladder – SSQ Exhibitions has the knowledge and experience to be able to supply superbly crafted mall stands, exhibition stalls, sets, stages and more, and does so using the latest technology and with a friendly approach at all times.

You can find out more about this award-winning company and how they have become established as the market leader in their field by checking out the website, or get in touch now and one of the SSQ Exhibitions team will be happy to help.

Benefits of AquaClean in Agriculture

There are many areas of agriculture that need careful consideration now that paying attention to the environment is part of the picture. In recent years we have come to recognise, for example, how damaging come chemical components of fertilizers and other treatments can be, and this is why many are turning to the use of biotechnology solutions, which use carefully chosen bacteria as the active ingredients which are great for hydroponics in South Africa.

wasteBluePlanet SA, the African arm of major US company BluePlanet LLC, are a leading name in this area, and their product range – AquaClean – is proven to be efficient and safe. It has applications in soil improvement, increased crop yield, fertilising and more, and can also be used in manure cattle waste management.

They are confident that you will also see cost savings in no time at all, so why not have a look at the BluePlanet SA website now, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Industrial Supplies at Sensible Prices

Are you looking for a supplier of quality industrial supplies at sensible prices in South Africa? If so you could check out Vikayen Supplies, a leading name in the field with an excellent reputation. They carry stock of everything from PPE solutions to smaller items such as nuts and bolts, and are specialists in the provision of quality welding machines, equipment and accessories.


Vikayen Supplies website is www.safetyppe.co.za has many satisfied clients across the country and has a reputation for excellent service and quality products. Their range of industrial supplies includes batteries, blades, fire equipment, nuts and bolts, shelving, packaging equipment and more like Safety boots South Africa, and they are happy to take any order, no matter how large or small.

For all the information you need on PPE and industrial supplies contact Vikayen Supplies, or go to their excellent website and have a closer look at the many items they can supply across their various ranges.

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